Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wrapping up the Summer of Code at the Googleplex

Once folks were acquainted with the schedule of events, places of interest, and policies to follow, Free Open Source Software (FOSS) advocate and Director of Open Source Programs at Google, Chris DiBona, addressed the audience: 

"The reason you are here is because you deserve to be. The whole point of GSoC is to introduce new developers to FOSS, create more FOSS code, and support projects we think are great. We look at reviews, and the aftermath and say 'did it work?' You are here because it did. Thank you for being there for open source software. Thank you for being there for free software, and for being there for Google. Open source matters to us. The future of open source matters to us. This room, and the people you bring in, without you, it wouldn't be as wonderful in 5-10 years as it is today. "  by opensource.com